Welcome to the New Portent.IO

December 04, 2017

We're excited to be launching the new and vastly improved Portent.IO. To start with we have refreshed our website, updating our branding to reflect that we're not solely focused on movies but also on TV shows. New iterations of the platform are currently being beta tested and new features will be pushed to live in the coming weeks.

Portent.IO has raised a decent sum of money from our existing investors which have allowed us to grow the team. We've hired a few more developers as well as some more client support and business development members in our Santa Monica Office. The team have been doing a great job and we have an exciting product roadmap ahead....

First and foremost we're rolling out new territories on a weekly basis for both our Film and TV clients and now we cover most major markets including Korea and Japan.

From the product perspective, our new marketing recommendation tool and individual post tracking tool is what we're most excited about. It lets our client's track and compare the performance of every single one of their digital marketing posts.

Lastly, we know that most of our client's like to receive regular reports with key insights and we have built out the infrastructure with some clever AI to at least partially automate these, meaning we can deliver them in a more timely fashion.

That's all for now, if in the meantime you're interested in finding out more just drop us a line.

The Team at Portent.IO