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December 05, 2017

Portent.IO is an all-encompassing platform, taking data from all over the internet (as well as integrating data you provide, if desired) and delivering it in such a way that is super digestible but also allows deeper digging.

If you are unsure whether Portent.IO's platform can help you, why not allow us to take you through some questions our platform helps our Film and TV clients answer:

  1. How are people talking about your movie or TV show?
    We look at most common adjectives, which actors are people talking about, and what are the most common hashtags.

  2. Are people liking or hating your movie?
    Our platform provides a qualitative assessment.

  3. What are people talking about specifically regarding a trailer?
    We track social media and see when and how your trailer is mentioned.

  4. Has your google search volume and Wikipedia page visits changed?
    We include this information daily.

  5. How curious are people about your movie or show?
    We use differences between search and Wikipedia volume.

  6. How is your movie or show doing historically in comparison to comparable movies?
    Our platform allows you to see this on any metric. Some include Wikipedia, pre-sales, search, Facebook, snapchat, twitter, and the quads.

  7. How is your movie or TV show doing in comparison to competitive films?
    Again, you can see this on any metric and easily notice where you need to put more resources.

  8. How is Unaided and First Choice growing since last week?
    We use proprietary softwares and a massive survey that allow you to see exactly which segments are showing growth and which are not.

  9. How is Unaided and First Choice doing in comparison to competitive movies?
    We track all major releases so that you can compare how your movie is doing with respect to others you are competing with.

  10. How is Unaided and First choice doing in comparison to historically comparable movies?
    Every movie from early 2017 onwards can be looked at in comparison.

  11. What's the strongest demographic in relation to competitive movies?
    Across all demographics over time, see if there's an opportunity to seize a specific audience.

  12. How well have your trailer releases been received?
    See views and engagements relative to historically comparable and competitive movies.

  13. How well are ticket presales doing?
    See the daily change over time for your movie and in comparison with historically comparable and competitive films. Sync by release date or overall time.

  14. Which movies are historically comparable?
    See relative to any metric which movies are most similar.

  15. How is your Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter audience doing?
    All major releases since early 2017, see First Choice and Unaided Awareness with regards to specific social media users.

  16. How are your genre preferences performing?
    Compare first choice to aided awareness and see multiple opportunities.

  17. How is your unaided awareness doing way before the release date?
    See exactly who is aware, and who needs more push.

  18. What segments do you have opportunity compared to your competition?
    Unaided and First Choice across all demographics.

  19. Which social media should you be investing most of your money in?
    Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or twitter.

  20. What events cause a spike of interest?
    We sync up to the trailer releases and contextualise around the trailer.

Of course there are many other questions that we can help to answer, but what has been answered above should serve as an indicator to the vast wealth of malleable data that we can place at your fingertips.

Welcome to the New Portent.IO

December 04, 2017

We're excited to be launching the new and vastly improved Portent.IO. To start with we have refreshed our website, updating our branding to reflect that we're not solely focused on movies but also on TV shows. New iterations of the platform are currently being beta tested and new features will be pushed to live in the coming weeks.

Portent.IO has raised a decent sum of money from our existing investors which have allowed us to grow the team. We've hired a few more developers as well as some more client support and business development members in our Santa Monica Office. The team have been doing a great job and we have an exciting product roadmap ahead....

First and foremost we're rolling out new territories on a weekly basis for both our Film and TV clients and now we cover most major markets including Korea and Japan.

From the product perspective, our new marketing recommendation tool and individual post tracking tool is what we're most excited about. It lets our client's track and compare the performance of every single one of their digital marketing posts.

Lastly, we know that most of our client's like to receive regular reports with key insights and we have built out the infrastructure with some clever AI to at least partially automate these, meaning we can deliver them in a more timely fashion.

That's all for now, if in the meantime you're interested in finding out more just drop us a line.

The Team at Portent.IO

Justice League - Snapchat 15th Nov 2017

November 17, 2017

This week we're going to take a look at Justice League, and in particular at how Snapchat users are engaging with this movie. Now, it goes without saying that it's bound to make a grossly Midaen amount of money regardless of how good or bad the film shakes out to be. So far it's not looking all that good on Rotten Tomatoes (40% at the time of writing), but then as we all know audience scores can often differ wildly from critics' reviews. So lets look at that elusive group of Snapchatters, and at how they are responding to the marketing campaign. Might they be convinced into watching this movie?

Using our tracker, built together with YouGov, we're able to see First Choice and Unaided Awareness not only for standard demographics, but also for custom segments such as Snapchat or Instagram users.

Below we see that although First Choice is high amongst snapchat users for over the last 7 days, it is still lower for JL than for Wonder Woman and almost half of Spider-Man's First Choice value. This indicates that younger, more tech-savvy movie goers are not as interested in JL.


Now, lets look at First Choice and how it changed over the last 30 days (see the screen shot below). Whereas Wonder Woman and Spider-Man have enjoyed a steady increase in their FC values amongst Snapchatter's as they got closer to their releases, this isn't the case for Justice League. Here, instead, there has been a decline from 20 says ago, with FC values reaching the same values only very recently. This could indicate that Snapchatters, having being exposed to more marketing, were finding the movie less, rather than more, appealing...


That's all until next time.

Movie Market Update - Nov 9th

November 09, 2017

This week we're going to look at upcoming movies through the lens of Snapchat users specifically (pun most definitely intended). Fortunately, we're actually tracking Awareness (Aided and Unaided) among Snapchat users specifically (as well as among Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users, BTW).

It's shaping up to be quite interesting: Both Daddy's Home 2 and Murder on the Orient Express will be competing for the top slot. The chart above shows unaided awareness of Snapchat users and it's interesting to see:

  • Daddy's Home 2 is slightly above MOTOE.
  • Pitch Perfect is doing well at 2.7% and is still 40 odd days from release.
  • Wonder also seems to be beating expectations across the Snapchat demographic.
  • And of course Star Wars, right at the top followed by Justice League. No surprise there..

Below you can also see unaided awareness among Snapchat users for all upcoming movies:


Also looking at Justice League vs Thor, Spiderman and IT (all synced by their release dates), we see as per the image below that even though JL will do pretty well in general, it is not performing as well as those comps did at the same relative point in time, across various social demo's.


That's all for now, if you want to find out more, give us a bell, email etc.

TV - State of the Market - Nov 7th 2017

November 07, 2017

It's been a crazy week for the TV industry this week, House of Cards has been going nuts across the digital signals we track, most of which is due to Kevin Spacey's 'issues'. Whether or not this translates into high viewing figures is hard to tell. Based on the twitter signal, at least, a lot of people are deciding to rewatch the show.

Of course it needs no spelling out that Stranger Things Season 2 is off the charts and we have not seen this level of digital appetite since the Game of Thrones finale last season.

Of new TV shows, SWAT is doing quite well, and The Orville, recently recommissioned for a second season, is still kicking Star Trek's hind parts up and down imperial space. Star Trek had much higher digital anticipation, but seems to have dissapointed both core and general audiences to a degree.


That's all folks.....