TV - State of the Market - Nov 7th 2017

November 07, 2017

It's been a crazy week for the TV industry this week, House of Cards has been going nuts across the digital signals we track, most of which is due to Kevin Spacey's 'issues'. Whether or not this translates into high viewing figures is hard to tell. Based on the twitter signal, at least, a lot of people are deciding to rewatch the show.

Of course it needs no spelling out that Stranger Things Season 2 is off the charts and we have not seen this level of digital appetite since the Game of Thrones finale last season.

Of new TV shows, SWAT is doing quite well, and The Orville, recently recommissioned for a second season, is still kicking Star Trek's hind parts up and down imperial space. Star Trek had much higher digital anticipation, but seems to have dissapointed both core and general audiences to a degree.


That's all folks.....