Portent for TV & Streaming

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  • We track all major TV shows, streaming content, Home Ent. releases and catalogue content. This allows our clients to see how their content is performing over time, benchmark performance and anticipate audience appetite.
  • By analyzing all major social activity including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram we can see how audiences are talking about a show to understand which characters and storylines people are focussing on.
  • Over 13 territories are tracked across all data sources including Torrent data. This reveals to our clients what the appetite for any show is likely to be in territories where the content is yet to be released, or even announced.
https:// app.portentio.com

TV Appetite Score

Combining all of our digital data we have created a 0-100 score which gauges an audience's appetites for a TV show based on their digital footprint.

Broken down by territory, it allows clients to benchmark performance of any show, Network or Streamed, released in full or weekly. Especially useful is the ability to monitor pre-release interest in any show, across territories where the rights are yet to be sold.

It's robust, scaled and benchmarked and so can also be used as a proxy for ratings in certain territories.

Audience Discovery

Recognize the global audience-profile a show’s specific fans, based on their behaviour, demographics and social-media habits.

Discover how best to reach each specific audience when activating your marketing campaign across social, digital and TV.

Directly target the individuals most likely to engage and watch your TV content.

https:// app.portentio.com

Custom Work

We also undertake a lot of custom work including but not limited to:

  • TV concept testing and modeling
  • Content acquisition optimization models
  • Consumer activation models, enriched with 2nd and 3rd party data for subscription platforms