Justice League - Snapchat 15th Nov 2017

November 17, 2017

This week we're going to take a look at Justice League, and in particular at how Snapchat users are engaging with this movie. Now, it goes without saying that it's bound to make a grossly Midaen amount of money regardless of how good or bad the film shakes out to be. So far it's not looking all that good on Rotten Tomatoes (40% at the time of writing), but then as we all know audience scores can often differ wildly from critics' reviews. So lets look at that elusive group of Snapchatters, and at how they are responding to the marketing campaign. Might they be convinced into watching this movie?

Using our tracker, built together with YouGov, we're able to see First Choice and Unaided Awareness not only for standard demographics, but also for custom segments such as Snapchat or Instagram users.

Below we see that although First Choice is high amongst snapchat users for over the last 7 days, it is still lower for JL than for Wonder Woman and almost half of Spider-Man's First Choice value. This indicates that younger, more tech-savvy movie goers are not as interested in JL.


Now, lets look at First Choice and how it changed over the last 30 days (see the screen shot below). Whereas Wonder Woman and Spider-Man have enjoyed a steady increase in their FC values amongst Snapchatter's as they got closer to their releases, this isn't the case for Justice League. Here, instead, there has been a decline from 20 says ago, with FC values reaching the same values only very recently. This could indicate that Snapchatters, having being exposed to more marketing, were finding the movie less, rather than more, appealing...


That's all until next time.