How we work

Self Service Platform

Portent.IO is a comprehensive analytics platform for the film and television industry.

We ingest, map and process digital, survey, marketing and social data to give you predictive analytics models and track the efficacy of your campaigns.

This includes: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Survey Data, Audience Profiles, Search, Wikipedia, Adsense data, Facebook Ad Spend and Youtube.

Our data updates daily and is mapped to each marketing beat of your campaign.
With Portent.IO you can:

  • Segment and discover audiences
  • Compare any data against any competing and comp. titles
  • Generate custom reports across all data sources
  • Focus on specific marketing events or pieces of content
  • Track your entire campaign by specific territory or worldwide
  • Understand the efficacy of your media spend
  • Interpret the conversation around your movie or TV show

iOS App

Our iOS app is a stripped-down version, great to get insights on the go, or during a meeting. Senior executives in particular find it useful when looking for a high-level snapshot.


Customization and Ingestion of Client Data

Portent.IO can also integrate your own marketing, media and social-analytics data from platforms you currently use, or from providers, to synthesize and generate more in-depth insights. This also streamlines reporting across the broader organization.


We provide custom weekly summary reports with the structure and content to fit your needs.

Custom Research

We design state-of-the-art custom research projects to solve other analytics and research related problems on a client by client basis.

We have a significant advantage as we are industry-specific and have a vast dataset in place to work with, as well as an experienced and brilliant data-science team.

If you have any custom data-science or research needs we are able to help. Previous examples include a dynamic content-pricing model, an actor news alert model and some TV concept testing models.