A look at the year ahead...

December 22, 2017

It has certainly been an interesting year for the movie business, and I'm not going to go into a retrospective here as there are already too many articles to count dissecting the possible shifts, macro and micro economic forces affecting the movie industry right now. What I'm instead going to focus on is what the upcoming year looks like from a data perspective. Personally, I think (these are not our official company views) that this last year was pretty poor in terms of creative output and not only that but the few movies which were watchable underperformed. Hopefully, this coming year will not be a repeat.

So what are we seeing in terms of the most anticipated movies it looks like the Hans Solo movie tops the charts. Our latest ranking shows it as number 2 after Ocean's 8 but that is just because it recently released a trailer. People seem excited to see this movie. We're also seeing a huge amount of interest across all digital metrics for the upcoming Avengers 3: Part 1 movie. This movie will be huge as it effectively combines the fanbases of 4 different franchises (Spider-Man, GOTG, Thor and Iron Man, I have probably missed some).

Interestingly interest in Natalie Portman's upcoming sci-fi thriller Anhillation is extremely high, yes it releases a trailer recently but its' levels of interest are remaining high. This is great news I think at least as we need more high brow cinema, something to counteract the tedium and predictability of so of the more mainstream movies.


Looking a little further down the list Mission Impossible 6 is also generating a lot of buzz and is currently ranked 25th, this is very positive for a movie which apart from a few press articles about some of the stunts has not yet released any marketing materials. We can see that fans are really into 6th instalment and let's hope it's as good as the rest.

Deadpool 2 is looking strong and so is the upcoming Cloverfield movie, again another film which has yet to release any marketing materials. This is a great sign for what is likely to be a mid-budget horror movie that will probably make a great return on investment.

X-Men the new mutants has been trending upwards, there has of course been a trailer for this, but as this is a property or subset of a property which the general public is not so familiar with it really looks like it will overperform.


We should probably add a notable mention for Avatar 2, who knows when it will come out exactly and overall background levels of interest are high (it's 28th based on search data) and even though this will certainly be the event of the season (whichever season it gets released in), who knows even if it will be able to effectively capitalize on its prequel (let's hope so).

That's it, just some random musings for you to think about over Christmas and the Holidays. The team over here are going to be using the relative downtime to polish some new features and are looking forward to a fantastic 2017!

Portent and the Team!