Understand Your Audience

Portent.IO combines A.I. with digital, social, survey and marketing data to create insights, recommendations and strategies for our clients. We help discover your different audiences, track their demand for content, and market to them more efficiently.


Track the performance of your film, TV show or Brand in real time across 13+ territories. Leverage digital, user, social and survey data while segmenting your audiences by media habits and behavior in addition to age, gender etc. Understand the conversation, its sentiment and your own content’s performance across Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Our platform tracks the impact and marketing efficiency of every single piece of your marketing campaign, from a specific instagram post to a broader-based PR strategy. We also identify and target specific consumers and audiences who will engage most with your future marketing across platforms.

Forecasting Demand

Applying rigorous machine-learning to our survey and digital data, we build dynamic financial forecasting models which discover how marketing is impacting your performance. We’re able to gauge existing demand for content across streaming channels, theatrical releases and home entertainment, and predict potential demand.


  • Real-time Tracking Across 13+ Territories
  • Forecast Performance
  • Discover Your Audiences
  • Target Your Audiences
  • Optimize Your Campaigns
  • Custom Research
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TV & Streaming

  • Real-time Tracking Across 13+ Territories
  • Streaming & Episodic Content
  • Determine Audience Appetite
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Discover Your Audiences
  • Custom Research
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Coming Soon

  • Brand Tracking
  • Music
  • Web First Content

We are proud to work with:

Web & Mobile App

Our webapp gives you powerful tools to view, compare, and analyze all of your data. Our mobile app lets you get quick updates on the go, or in a meeting.

Saved Views

Easily create, save and share useful views. The data keeps updating, allowing quickly keeping track of of how your content performance changes over time by returning to a saved view.


Our industry experts send out weekly reports that give you a comprehensive update on how your content is performing, interesting insights, and special events.